Relax, the water is BAHAMAWESOME.

One bottle of SpaProof can keep your hot tub’s ecosystem stable and Bahama beautiful for months.

Why spend your spa time constantly trying to balance spa chemicals? Aren’t you tired of never knowing for sure if you have the right pH level or the right amount of chlorine, or if the spa should just be drained and refilled for health reasons? It’s time for you to get in harmony with your hot tub the all-natural way. With just one application of SpaProof, the world’s only hexaborate harmonizer, you can protect your spa or hot tub’s ecosystem for months at a time.

SpaProof has the unique ability to absorb both acid and base. When the pH of your pool gets too high or too low, PoolProof acts as a buffer to absorb acid or base as needed. This keeps your pH balanced, which, in turn, allows your pool chemicals to work better and last longer.

SpaProof makes your water crystal clear and gives it that shimmering Bahama Sparkle.

Immediately upon application, pH Levels remain balanced and stabilized.

  • Chlorine smell is greatly reduced.
  • Water feels luxurious and actually moisturizes the skin.
  • The all natural minerals and salts in SpaProof reduce eye irritation and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Chemicals like chlorine last longer because SpaProof brings balance and synergy to your spa’s chemistry through a process we call harmonizing.